// Red Bull Studio Live Session //

Check it out Red Bull Studio Amsterdam live session with my band Secret Rendezvous and Coldplay featured this video on their Hypnofeed :-). 

These are the songs we performed:

1. Secret Rendezvous

2. Just One More Thing (SR Remix)

3. Digital Revolution



// The Child Of Lov//

I’ve been privileged to work with The Child Of Lov (Domino Records, Damon Albarn, MF Doom) on his first live show ever during State-X The Hague. I was responsible for the guitars, samples & live production in his band. Unfortunately The Child Of Lov passed away following complications from surgery a week before the show. RIP Martijn, spread your wings and fly up in the sky 

Want to know more about him and his work read the following articles: NME or 3voor12 (Dutch only)

// Ruth Koleva - Turn This Around//

Recorded the guitars for a couple of songs for soul/jazz singer Ruth Koleva straight from my production studio (at home) and uploaded the files to her producer Vincent Helbers from Seravince (Flowriders). This track is the very first single from her new album. On drums the one and only Richard Spaven (Guru, Jose James, Flying Lotus & etc), keys Vincent Helbers & bass Kasper Kalf. 

// Ashtraynutz Remix//


Remix I did for the band Ashtraynutz from the Netherlands. You can find the original track City Life on their debut EP! More info at www.ashtraynutz.com !

// Ghetto Rock live - Divinity Roxx//

So last year we did a second tour with the fabulous Divinity Roxx. You might now her as the bassplayer from Beyonce, K-pop band 2NE1 or Victor Wooten. Check out her MC skillzzzz and energy!!! Footage shot by my friend Coen Hamelink at Schuttershof Middelburg. On drums Patrick Dorcean and Keys + Synthbass Babl, both from Belgium. 

For the guitarplayers and soundfreaks… Solo and some knob twisting stuff at 3:20. Chain for this track: Me > Guitar > Vox wah (verse only) > Zvex Fuzzfactory > Ernie Ball Volume Pedal > MI Audio Blueboy > Boss DD20 > EHX Memory Man > MI Audio Boost ‘n Buff (solo only) > Fender Blackfaced Super Reverb originally from ‘71. Guitar is a custom made strat by Zwier guitars with Sure pickups more info at http://www.zwiergitaarbouw.nl/

// Show with dub legend Mad Professor (UK)//

On october 18th during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) my friends from Bassculture organized an awesome party with Jazzsteppa, Kubus and the legendary Mad Professor. 

We did a live set with Mad Professor who dubbed us realtime with all kind of wicked tape echo’s and reverbs. We played some of is classics in a 45 min set. On bass Daniel Labbate, drums Ricardo Simons, keys Erno Klein and me on guitar. First time I played with these guys. 

When Daniel called me for this show, I asked him if I was allowed to use FX because MP was doing all the dubs. We had to wait until the second rehearsal with the MP himself. During the first few songs I asked him if he was okay with my dly/rvb/moog tweaks. He liked it and he said “do your thing you got a great sound”. So you only have to say that once to me :-) and I will be in Spacebei world. Fun part of this project is that it’s interesting for me as a guitarplayer and maybe even more as a producer.

For those who don’t know Mad Professor. He’s responsible for the sound of the second generation of dub. He worked with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Massive Attack, Sade etc.. More info here . It was a great day, learned a lot and I hope to work with these guys again in the future!

// Live footage Secret Rendezvous Uitmarkt 2012//

Last weekend we did a show on Uitmarkt Amsterdam Festival at Remix stage Museumplein. Our friends Sarah-Jane & the Xperience played before us. Pretty cool to share the stage with them! We had a 10 minute change-over. Sequenser, 3 synths, vocal fx, guitars, drumcomputers, synthbass etc. New record :-)! Played some new tunes from our upcoming EP. Keyplayer Joel Dieleman couldn’t be there because of an Ashtraynutz gig so Niels Broos replaced him. Great job Niels, wanna have a Polysix too :-)! We will be back in October. First priority is to finish the new EP! Enjoy this video and I hope to see you all back in October! 


Remi Lauw

// Loyal Divide Remix//

I made this remix for Chicago based band Loyal Divide. They also featured it in their monthly newsletter. So that’s dope! Do check them out! Great band! https://www.facebook.com/LoyalDivide

// Japan release “Paint The Town Red” Secret Rendezvous//

It’s official! Our debut album “Paint The Town Red” will be released in Japan on the 25th of July by Sweet Soul Records/Tower Records. They really love the songs and the high quality production work. So that’s cool to hear! Let’s paint Japan red! :-) Right now I’m busy with new material for our new EP scheduled after this summer, OFF the Richter FEST and a couple of remixes. So stay tuned! Peace! Remi Lauw


// Maydien Release Party at Bitterzoet Amsterdam//

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Yori (Secret Rendezvous Drummer) if I would like to play guitar with this upcoming MC called “Maydien” from Amsterdam.

The guy never played with a live band before and he would release his new EP produced by Mitchell LC Yard. Never heard about these guys and vice versa I guess :-)

I don’t really do a lot of session stuff anymore because I want to focus on studio production and Secret Rendezvous, but these guys really knew what they were doing and most of the other bandmembers are friends of mine, so I couldn’t say no!

Like most studio productions in hiphop there aren’t guitarparts involved, so I was free to make my own live arrangement. I also don’t like to copy guitarparts from someone else, I can’t even copy my own guitarparts :-). In my opinion studio and live production are two completely different things and did you ever hear hendrix or coltrane playing their parts the same way twice? Enjoy this live footage and be sure to download his EP it’s for free! 


Remi Lauw

Remi "Sausbei" Lauw Producer/Musician/Electronic Engineer